11 . 22 . 2019
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Environmental Statement:

Bridgeport Forest Products remains committed to responsible trading and cutting of timber products worldwide. As our principal business is conducted in North America, our main focus will always be there. North American Forestry Practices are amongst the most developed and sustainable in the world. Given that we deal with many suppliers, from major sawmilling groups through to small family owned re-manufacturing and wholesaling/distribution operations, we make every effort when visiting our suppliers to understand how they are producing/sourcing their lumber products as knowledge and education is paramount.

Currently we are able to supply PEFC certified Western Red Cedar, Douglas Fir and Hemlock and can now also offer SFI Certified Southern Yellow Pine. Many of our suppliers are small companies and purchase their raw material from CSA or SFI certified forestlands and sawmills, even though many of these are themselves not Chain of Custody.

Tours of PEFC certified timber and logging camps in British Columbia have provided and continue to provide invaluable information when understanding the need for bio-diversity and regeneration, as well as human requirements and relations to the forest. If you open the attached link (Link: www.naturallywood.com) you will see a typical example of the unseen work that goes on to maintain sustainable timber products in British Columbia in particular but North America in general.

We can also supply, via our partnership company, Falcon Lumber LTD of Toronto, Ontario, Certified Temperate hardwoods from the East Coast of North America.

We will always do our best to insure that timber supplied by us conforms to both local and national government requirements for proper national forestry practice and for re-planting on a sustainable yield basis.

We also make every possible effort to purchase lumber only from those sawmills and re-manufacturing facilities whose practices adhere to local and national Government standards, obligations and ethics and whose commitment to sustainable forestry practices is clear.

Furthermore we are PEFC Annex 4 Chain of Custody certified for the supply of CSA and SFI certified timber products in accordance with CAN/CSA-Z809 and SFI 2005-2009. Our Certificate number CERT-0024744 refers and is available for your information if required. It remains our clear intention to maintain and develop dialogue on our environmental policy with both hermes replica bags suppliers and customers. Therefore we would always encourage our suppliers and customers to engage in positive discussion about the North American Timber Industry in particular. Knowledge is the key and sustainable harvesting and forestry policy is the future for the industry.