11 . 22 . 2019
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About Us

Bridgeport Forest Products
offers a comprehensive line of products to fulfill your supply requirements. As exporters for all North American High Grade Softwoods and Temperate Hardwoods in lumber and components we work in partnership with sawmills, remanufacturing and dimension facilities based across Canada and the United States of America. Our close relationships with our supply base allow us to offer top quality products to our customers throughout Europe and other parts of the world.

Bridgeport is expert in purchasing, sales, transportation and documentation which means that we deliver your products when and where you require them. You can be assured of comprehensive financial and shipping service from our USA office. Our European office located in the UK offers sales expertise to Europe as well as other world markets. This office also has strong sourcing capabilities from Europe and the Far East. Our reputation and wealth of experience insures we can supply you with consistent quality and competitive pricing.

Mission Statement:
To provide a quality service to both customer and supplier, to always act in good faith and to supply quality, on time products.